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Message Publié : Dim 17 Avr 2016, 18:33
par Amaelys

West End Games (père du système D6 avant l'open D6) vient d'être racheté. Voici le message que j'ai reçu jeudi 14/04 :

A message from West End Games via

It's a new era for West End Games & the Open D6 System!

Greetings, perhaps for the first time. I'm Stewart Wieck. I founded White Wolf in 1986 and co-created the World of Darkness and games like Vampire: The Masquerade. I've since sold White Wolf and started my new company, Nocturnal Media. Today, I announced that I've purchased West End Games from Eric Gibson. I published an article about it on the Nocturnal Media website: I hope you'll take a look.

As you've purchased/downloaded D6 product at DTRPG, I hope you'll be excited by the propsect of a D6 System revival. We'll soon make available print-on-demand editions of the core D6 rulebooks like D6 Fantasy and D6 Space. Soon after that, there will be a POD version of Bill Coffin's Septimus. With plenty more to follow, including new titles.

Beyond the D6 System, West End Games will return with new editions of games like Greg Costikyan's Web & Starship, an asymmetrical SF board game first published by WEG in 1984. We'll fund a new edition of that game on Kickstarter starting April 19th.

Speaking of Kickstarter, as a D6 fan, you obviously appreciate cinematic narrative in your roleplaying games, so please consider supporting our current project for Storypath Cards. This project ends in about 24 hours, so don't delay! For only $12 (+$2 outside the US), you can get a deck of tarot-sized cards that encourage and empower players to add to the narrative in any RPG.

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I will periodically reach out via DTRPG mail, but if you'd like to remain in a more constant loop of news about D6, West End Games and our plans, then please do any/all of the following:

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Thanks for supporting the D6 System in the past. Here's to a bright future!

Est-ce le retour du D6 ? L'avenir nous le dira... ;-)


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